It’s been a such a great time recently for the tech ecosystem in Nigeria. Especially for KudaBank as they have been in the news for reaching new milestones.

I celebrated these milestones when they were announced on social platforms and i was proud to have contributed to these successes as i have used KudaBank as my main bank for a while now. Their mobile app clearly better works better than most Traditional banks and thinking about the queue at the banks whenever i have a complain, it just made sense to use KudaBank more and traditional banks less.

However i…

Frontend development has had such an amazing growth in recent years. Most of the cool new products we see today would not have been possible or at least would have been much trickier to create without the advances in frontend technologies. As a result, there is an increased demand for engineers with frontend skills.

However, mastering frontend development and best practices can be both a scary and daunting task, and this is true even for software engineers already proficient in other areas of web development. …

Agboola yusuf

Tech guy, building stuff.

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